4 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have CCTV Security Camera Installation

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4 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have CCTV Security Camera Installation

As one of the most cost-effective security systems, CCTV is used by almost every business to protect their property and keep their workplace safer. However, CCTV security camera installation is becoming a popular addition to Brisbane homes as well, with ATS now installing domestic CCTV security cameras multiple times every week. If you are considering investing in a CCTV camera system for your Brisbane home, here a few reasons that might help convince you that it is the right choice.

Cameras Act as a Visual Deterrent

Installing a CCTV camera system can act as an immediate deterrent for would-be thieves and criminals. Visible cameras around your home make your home a less attractive target, as criminals are much more likely to break into a home which has minimal security. By making your home a harder target, it helps to keep your valuable possessions secure and increases the safety of your family. If your cameras aren’t completely visible, you should advertise with signage that it is present on your property to ensure that unwanted guests think twice before entering your home.

You Can Remotely Monitor Activity Around Your Home

In addition to acting as an excellent deterrent, security camera installation allows you the benefit of being able to monitor any activity around your home, from wherever you are. CCTV security cameras act as a 24-hour security guard that is always on watch whether you are home or not. It gives you the peace of mind that you can keep an eye on your home whenever you like and be alerted if there is any potential trouble. Monitoring activity at the home is also useful for checking if and when deliveries arrive, checking on pets in the yard and monitoring anyone arriving at your home including tradesmen, kids, friends, family members and neighbours.

Footage Provides Evidence if a Crime or Accident Occurs

In the event that an incident occurs at your home, the stored footage from CCTV cameras can provide helpful evidence. Police often use CCTV footage to identify and apprehend burglars and thieves following illegal conduct. Security cameras can provide a record of the exact time, location and clear image of the suspects involved in a crime involving your property or neighbouring properties. In addition, in the event of an accident or incident on your property, you can submit the CCTV footage to your insurance company when lodging a claim – every little bit of proof can help reinforce your claim.

A Long Term Investment in Safety

Cost-effective and relatively simple to install in houses of all types, CCTV security cameras will provide excellent security for the long term. Durable and designed with the latest technology to provide exceptionally clear footage, they require very little maintenance, and only need the occasional wipe and clean. Once installed, you will have an ideal security device that will keep your home and family safe for many years to come. An added advantage is the fact that it can help you lower your insurance premiums – as home will be perceived as more secure in the eyes of most insurance companies.

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