How to Improve Your Data Cabling

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How to Improve Your Data Cabling

In today’s increasingly digital world, everything is heading toward wireless technologies. However, data cabling is still vital for businesses of all sizes, as it offers superior internet speed connections and its connectivity isn’t hampered by competing networks, interference, walls or other physical barriers. ATS is the leading choice for data cabling services in Brisbane, here we will look at a few ways to help you get the most out of your data cabling installation.

Install A Cooling System

A cooling system will ensure safe and efficient running of the data cabling network. Overheating can be a big problem, especially for larger businesses with a lot of data needs and data racks. Installing a proper cooling system will ensure the data centre does not overheat and cause a malfunction of the racks and servers. Overheating can even cause permanent damage to the hardware resulting in major down time and massive financial losses.

Colour Coding

It may seem obvious, but colour can be used to make a data cabling installation more efficient in a couple of different ways. Using cables of one colour or in groups of colours, makes the entire cabling network look professional, while using colours to match cables with their application or destination increases organisation and efficiency. In the event of repairs or maintenance, colour coded cables can be easily traced back to their source, meaning problems can be resolved quickly and with minimal downtime.

Centralise the Data Centre

Centralising the data centre reduces the distance between the data centre and the destination rooms and equipment within the premises. Not only will this cut down the length of cabling needed, lowering your data cable installation costs, it lowers the risk of cables from different locations being mixed up during the installion.

Upgrade to Fibre Optic Cabling

Switching old coaxial or Ethernet cabling for new, super-fast fibre optic cabling is the ideal way to improve your cabling network. A fibre optic cable features small, flexible strands of glass or plastic and unlike traditional lines, it utilizes light to transmit a significant amount of data. This allows for more bandwidth on a fibre optic cable than a copper coaxial cable, meaning it delivers data at a much faster rate. Switching from old cabling will give your business the optimal data infrastructure.

Looking for Trusted Data Cabling Services Brisbane Businesses Rely On?

Whether you are moving into a new premises or if you want to ensure you have the best data cabling to successfully run and grow your business, get in touch with ATS today. We will work with you to assess your existing data network and provide recommendations on how to improve it or suggest the ideal computer, phone and data cabling systems to future-proof your workplace. With over 20 years’ experience delivering a range of high quality telecommunication installation and maintenance services throughout Brisbane, we are your total telecommunications partner. Give our friendly team a call on (07) 3200 5490 or enquire online now and we will get back to you promptly.

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