Data cabinet to server rack upgrade

Data cabinet to server rack upgrade

Customer data cabinet upgrade.

Our client had an old 12RU data cabinet on the wall they had outgrown, various IT devices in and around the cabinet, Servers on a desk below the cabinet and network cables overflowing from the rack.

The plan was to carry out an upgrade over a saturday and sunday when the site was closed and the site’s network could be offline.

ATS completed a site audit prior to starting any work. We stripped out the old rack and removed it from the wall.

ATS supplied and installed a brand new 42RU 1000 deep server rack. We then re-installed all the data cables, patch panels and network equipment. This new cabinet was provided with a cable management system and the floor outlets were re-patched to the various network switches.

ATS also supplied and installed a UPS – uninterruptable power system – to keep our clients mission critical network powered up in the event of a power outage at the site.

The result was fantastic, with a very happy client who returned to work on monday morning with everything working and a brand new server rack to be proud of !

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