The Benefits of the nbn™ for Your Small Business

The Benefits of the nbn™ for Your Small Business

There’s no doubting that a fast, reliable internet connection is vital to any business. The national broadband rollout is continuing across the country so many small businesses are preparing to make the switch to nbn™, however many business-owners aren’t aware of any or all of the benefits it will offer. At Australian Telecommunications Solutions, we provide a range of high quality telecommunication, business telephone systems and data cabling services to Brisbane metropolitan, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and surrounds. With many homes and businesses no longer having a choice but use the nbn™, let’s take a look at the many ways it will be advantageous to your small business.

What Is the nbn™ Network?

The nbn™ network is an upgrade to Australia’s existing phone and internet infrastructure. Being rolled out progressively, the aim is for the nbn™ network to connect eight million homes and businesses by the end of 2020, with the goal to provide access to all the benefits of fast internet services so that all Australians have the same basic service, no matter where they live.

Why Is It Needed?

Australia’s existing network was constructed from copper and was not designed for the demands of modern day internet usage. Access to the nbn™ network will present many opportunities and give every Australian the potential to be more productive, more efficient and more connected for many years to come.

How Will It Benefit Your Small Business?

A better internet connection will:

Allow you to provide better service – Slow internet speeds can cost businesses significant time and money. Unfortunately, in many locations around Australia, slow internet speeds are still the reality. Slow internet has the ability to impact how a business can reach and attract new customers, hinder their efficiency and productivity and reduce the level of customer service they are able to provide. Whether you have an online store, advertise digitally or rely on social media channels to promote your business, the nbn™’s reliable, high capacity network will dramatically boost the potential of your business online and improve customer experience.

Give the ability to expand your online presence – Fast internet also provides the opportunity for you to expand the presence of your business online, and today, presence is everything when promoting and growing a small business. A great website and digital marketing strategy has the potential to attract new customers and stay visible to your existing ones. Reliable internet connection allows you to expand your reach far beyond your local community and even reach customers on a global scale. No matter what product or service you are offering, good digital marketing is essential, and effective digital marketing relies on quick and steadfast internet.

Boost your E-commerce – It has been shown that Australia has one of the fastest-growing E-commerce markets in the world and it is predicted that by 2021, the Australia online retail market will be worth around AUD$35.2 billion. If your business hasn’t made the move online, you need to now. For small businesses, an older, slower internet connection may have made the venture into E-commerce difficult. Whether you sell products or services, the nbn™ will make the venture into online selling easier than ever before.

Want to Know More About the Switch to nbn™?

The National Broadband Network nbn™ already covers millions of Australian businesses, if it’s not in your area yet, chances are it’s coming very soon. If you want to know more about the rollout and how to get connected, get in touch with the team at ATS today on (07) 3200 5490 or enquire online now. As an industry leader in telecommunications and data cabling services in Brisbane, our knowledgeable team are here to answer your questions and help you get connected.

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