What Cables Should Be Installed When Wiring for a Business?

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What Cables Should Be Installed When Wiring for a Business?

If you’re setting up a new business premises, you want to be sure you are having the right cables installed that will allow for maximum productivity now and in the future. While more and more things are moving to wireless, there is still a need for cabling so you should consider what telephone and data cables you definitely need, as well as other cables such as AV/TV that you might need. It’s always better to install everything at once, as installing them later will be much more difficult and much more expensive. Let’s explore the different cables required for various services that are essential for running any business.

Network Cabling/Data Cable Installation

There’s not many businesses that can operate without a quick and efficient internet connection. Network cabling will also:

  • Provide a fast and reliable Ethernet connection throughout your business.
  • Can be used to extend the WIFI connection in larger buildings.
  • Can be used for other purposes such as telephone and voice cabling, USB, AV/HDMI distribution systems and CCTV.


CCTV is an essential part of keeping your business safe so these cables should be installed too. It is recommended to pull cables to each potential CCTV camera position so that the cable can be easily connected to the cameras. You should also consider a wired Ethernet connection to each camera position, this can be connected and allow for remote viewing via a smartphone or laptop.

Telephone Cabling

A reliable telephone system is also vital for efficient running of most Australian businesses. In future it’s likely that conventional telephones will be replaced with a VOIP phone system which will make traditional phone cables obsolete. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), is a revolutionary technology which takes analog audio signals and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. Futureproof your business by installing the necessary data cabling required for VOIP.


Used to connect TV/Radio aerials and satellite dishes to TV’s, there are a wide variety of types of coaxial cable that can be used depending on your requirements. You may not necessarily need coaxial cables, however if you plan on installing a television in a client waiting area or staff room it’s worthwhile having the cables there to save you time and money later.

Other Wiring to Consider

Depending on the specific needs of your business, you may want to consider installing cabling for other types of services such as door entry systems, speakers, access control and alarms as well as smart lighting and automation.

When setting up a new businesses premises, there’s more to it than a few electrical wires and a data cable. For all your telecommunications and data cable installation needs to futureproof your business, get in touch with ATS for a consultation with our experts. Offering a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services, we work with everyone from large corporate organisations, small and medium business down to single residential customers. Contact us online or call us today on (07) 3200 5490.

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